Organic Revolution Program

We Welcome those farmers to being the part of our Organic Revolution Program. Who are intended and ambitious for the orgainc farmings. Following are the main features in this aspect.


  • Focus to motivate more and more farmers to¬†adopting the organic farmings as per NPOP, NOP and Other organic standards.
  • Farmers training and skill development programm’s regarding organics.
  • Support to making soil health cards which help to nutrients & crop plannings accordingly.
  • Replacement of inorganic inputs by certified bio supplements, jeevamrat (cow dung & urine based enriched input) etc.
  • Provide help to suggest and use of natural/organic pesticides to prevent harmful pests, insects and disease control.
  • Insisting farmers to come under certification process with natural organic farming practices and value addition of products.
  • Promote the use of agriculture mechanism, micro irrigation systems for the big savings of water,energy, labour as well as smart use of bio inputs.
  • Bring awareness regarding the use of fresh natural/organic products in our lifestyle and alertness of the dark side of use inorganic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides.



Farmers /Grower groups who are doing or willing to organic farming may contact us to become the part of orgrain family and market linkage to their organic products.