Black Pepper Powder


Hindi Nmae


Kali Mirch

English Name


Black Pepper 



Piper Nigrum



Black Peppercorn or Piper Nigrum is considered as essential spice in the culinery art throughout the world. Black Peppercorn is crushed and brought to us in the form of pepper. Worldwide it is used as seasoning,or for dressing but it has lots of medicinal values.  



Health benefits of Black Pepper. – We can use pepper to get rid of cold. We add pepper powder, turmeric powder and sugar to boiling milk and drink it to get relief from bad throat in cold before sleeping. – Pepper powder is used with salt and ghee for getting rid of indigestion. – Pepper taken with ghee is used in joint pain. – For constipation white pepper is used with hot water. – Pepper also helps in heart diseases and piles. – Black Pepper Seeds are used in gas and in intestinal worms.