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Cashew Nut 



Anacardium occidentale 



Cashew is a tropical evergreen plant, belonging to the family of Anacardiaceae, known for its seeds that are consumed worldwide. This plant is actually a small to medium sized tree with a single trunk and thick leaves. The sweet flavored nut like seeds are obtained from the bottom of the false fruit of this tree, which is termed as cashew apples. The commercial production of cashew seed is done in more than 32 countries of the world. India has a creditable record of attaining good amount of foreign exchange by way of export of cashew kernels. Among the Agri-Horticultural commodities getting exported from India, cashew ranks the 2nd position. During the year 2001-2002, India could export 97,550 MT of cashew kernels valued at Rs.1,776.80 crores. USA, Netherlands, UK, Japan, UAE, France, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Italy, German Fed. Republic, Austria, Israel and Spain are the major international buyers of Indian Cashews. India is the largest area holder of this crop. Cultivation of cashew in India confines mainly to the peninsular 



Cashew nut is the most versatile of all nuts. The kernels are rich in nutrients and are put to use in a variety of ways. The kernels are used in cocktail parties, in confectioneries. The kernels are low in carbohydrates but rich in proteins, fats and vitamins. The kernel oil is reported to be superior to olive oil and almond oil. The testa of the kernel is rich in tannins and hence mainly uses in leather industry. It is also used as poultry feed. The cashew nutshell liquid extracted form the hard shell. It is a by-product of the cashew industry. It is a versatile industrial raw material being used in preparation of resins, varnishes, paints, plastics, insecticides, brake linings, wood preservatives etc. The brightly colored, swollen peduncle of cashew fruits is cashew apple. The apple is fleshy, juicy and is rich in vitamin C. However, at present most of the produce is not at all utilised. From cashew apple, tasty drinks can be prepared mixing with juice of lime, pineapple, grapes, etc., jam, chutney and pickles can also be prepared out of cashew apple. Liquor can also be prepared