Garlic Powder





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Allium Sativum 



Originated in central Asia, garlic is today one of the famous spice of the world and after being cultivated all over the world it met enthusiastic approval. Garlic finds its mention in the Bible and in the ancient Egyptian times when they were fed to the pyramid builders daily and as food for the Hebrews during their sojourn in Egypt. Even the Roman period had garlic as a common spice and it was extensively used from India to East Asia even before the Europeans arrived there. After the Age of Exploration, garlic spread rapidly to Africa and both Americas.
Garlic is a hardy bulbous annual, with narrow flat leaves a pungent and acid flavor and acknowledged medicinal value. The entire bulb (cloves) is without odor but once cut or bruised, they produce an intensely strong odor. 



In parts of Austria, salads are prepared with vinegar, oil and minced garlic. In the Mediterranean sauces raw garlic has wide usage. In Greece, Greek skordali, a paste made from cooked potatoes and raw garlic whereas in Turkey, Turkish aik sauce is made from plain yogurt, shredded cucumber, peppermint and garlic. In Vietnam garlic is served with almost all preparations. Garlic is taken as pickles and as important ingredient vinegar. Herbal vinegar is commonly made with one or two garlic cloves per liter vinegar. Usage of fried or cooked garlic is, however, much more common. Garlic is used in vegetable, meat and poultry dishes, especially in casserole, stew and marinade. Garlic oil finds use in readymade spice – mixes, pharmaceuticals and disinfectants.
It is believed that garlic is used for keeping away vampires and has its mention in the famous novel of Count Dracula.