Shatavari Powder


Hindi Name



English Name


Indian asparagus



Asparagus racemosus 



Asparagus racemosus and Asparagus Sarmentosus are very common. Herbs found in warm tropical countries like India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, In addition, Southern part of China. This is a garden herb.
Asparagus racemosus is a member of Liliaceae plant family. This is an extensive, spiny, many branched climber with fasciculate tuberous roots. The leaves are linear with a stout conical spiny spur, straight or slightly curved. The flowers are white, fragrant in simple racemes. The berries are globular and red. Each plant has thread like hundred roots, therefore, this herb is named Shatmuli or Shatavari (Shata means hundred and muli means roots). 



 The roots are very good tonic for general health. The dried herbs are used for curing acidity problems of the stomach. The roots are used for Ayurvedic medicinal purposes.