Shatpatri, taruni, karnika, charukeshra, mahakumari, gandhaheya, lakshapushpa and atimanjula are synonyms of rose.


It is cold, good for heart, light enhances semen and good for managing blood disorders. It is good for complexion, and having pungent and bitter taste.

Reference - Bhavprakash

From ancient times Rose has been the symbol of Love and Prosperity. As per Indian Ayurveda Shatpatri (Rose) has a lot of medicinal proven properties like It helps.

  • cooling-agent

    It is the best cooling agent


  • Pacifies

    Pacifies all Dosha


  • Pitta-Dosha

    Reduces Pitta Dosha


  • Stomach-burn

    Reduces Stomach burn


  • Blood-Disorders

    Managing Blood Disorders


  • Gulkand Rose Jem

    Good for heart


  • Gulkand Rose Jem

    Helps in digestion


  • Gulkand Rose Jem

    Improve appetite


  • Enhances-semens

    Light Enhances semens


  • stress-&-Depression

    Relieve stress & Depression


  • Mood-freshener

    Mood freshener


Orgrain India brings you the real Shatpatri Roses from the Pushkar valley. It is real Pink colour of Non GM bread of Roses that is Rosa Centifolia which has all above ayurveda medicinal properties.

How we are Unique in the Making of Shatpatri Products !

We procure Shatpatri Rose petals only from the Company Owned Organic Certified 340 Bigha land.
We develop the new buds of Shatpatri in Own nurseries.
Petals are plucked & Cleaned carefully by our Small women farmer sisters




Gulkand Rose Jem

Shatpatri Gulkand!

How we are Unique in the Making

Petals have been Blended with Mishri / sugar in the specified wooden Mortar and pounder, that enrich its nutrition value and aroma traditionally

The whole process is without any kind of mechanical and Heat intervention. Sun cooked and prepared naturally

How can we take shatpatri Gulkand!

Directly after a meal one or two spoons.

With Milk, Ice creams, salads, desserts or any food preparations.

Shatpatri Rose Water !

Rose water is also the best known home remedy that is used in multiple ways. Orgrain India Shatpatri Rose water is edible grade so it can be used not only as skin toner but also in drinks or edible items.

USP's in the making

  • Procuring Petals from the Company owned Organic farms.
  • Steam Distillation process in the Pure Copper Degs.
  • Right Concentration of the petals with water.
  • Hygiene & UV Sterilized.

Benefits of Rose water

  • Best Skin Toner
  • Natural Hair Rehydrater
  • Your natural Makeup remover
  • Good for Complexion
Orgrain India Pure Rose Water 01
Pink Rose Petals

Shatpatri Dry Petals!

Shatpatri Dry Rose petals are used in a number of ways according to the customisation. Orgrain India Shatpatri Dry rose Petals are only produced in the Company owned farms.


  • Procured from Company's Organic Farms
    Sun Dried Only
  • Cleaned manually
  • Packed Hygienically

Shatpatri Rose Syrup !

Shatpatri Rose syrup is one of the most popular soft drinks. Orgrain India Shatpatri Rose Syrup is made with Pure Live Rose Petals and rose water.

USP's in the making

  • Procuring Petals from the Company owned Organic farms
  • Without any artificial color.
  • Hygiene Making With Live petals.
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Shatpatri Attars Fragrance!

We are compounding the real Shatpatri Rose attars. Start your day with the happiness of Shatpatri Attars. Gift your Beloved one.


  • Real Rose Fragrance
  • Unique Flavors
  • Long Lasting Fragrence